Team rosters will be distributed to Coaches in early-mid March. They should then begin contacting their players. If you have not heard from a coach or received notice of who your players coach is by April 1, please email us at Registrar@DeerfieldAYSO.org  Requests for this information prior to this date may not be answered.

Late registration - If a player registered late it is possible they were placed on a waiting list for space availability. Those placed on wait lists may not know if they made a team until as late as the day before the first game.

Games are played on Sundays - Starting as early as 1:00pm or as late as 4:45pm. First Game is  Sep 8, 2013 and the Last game is Nov 3, 2013.

Training sessions for divisions U05 & U06 are ONLY just prior to their games starting with the first game date. However, they may hold one training session in each of the 2 weeks prior to the first game. The times posted on the Game Schedules for these divisions are the start of their Training Session, immediately followed by their games.

Training Sessions for Divisions U08 - U14  will take place during the week (only one) as determined by the team's Coaching Staff and may start after Aug .

Training Session Conflicts - Changing teams is not an option. However, a player may train with another team as along as both coaches agree and that both coaches have copies of the players Registration/Medical Release form on hand.

Jewelry of ANY KIND may NOT be worn during games or Training Sessions. This includes, but is not limited to; beads in hair, EAR RINGS, sting bracelets, glasses (except prescription), hats. (Medical ID bracelets are excepted as long as they are sufficiently wrapped and padded with and elastic bandage and taped - Referees decision is FINAL)

Game schedules will be handed out by your coach or you may click: GAME SCHEDULES once they are posted.

Click on GAME CANCELLATIONS for games that are canceled due to field conditions.

Click on Deerfield Rules & Regulations for all game, Region and National Rules, Regulations and Policies.

REFUNDS for those not playing will be made as long as: 1) The player has not participated in either a training session or game AND 2) has not received a uniform AND 3) a request for a refund has been made in writing (email is acceptable) PRIOR to the first game.

PETS, Alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms & tobacco are NOT allowed at Training Sessions or games.