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No game is complete without fully trained referees to help the kids learn the game while playing the game. They help to assure that safety and appropriate conduct is our first concern. To assure that the best possible role models for our children are presented, AYSO requires that all Referees complete 2 training courses. They are:



This is a child and volunteer safety and protection classroom course. It is not sport specific and covers the AYSO Philosophy, Rules and Regulations along with behavior, emergency procedures and much more.



This is the sport specific training which combines classroom and fieldwork to help develop and teach the skills needed to referee youth games. There are many levels, which are completed in a specific progression. Regardless of any past soccer experience, the Regional Referee Course must be taken first. The additional levels may then be taken after.  

In addition to the above, referees are required to attend pre-season meetings.

All refereeing staff is subject to a criminal background check and therefore must register in person providing a government issued picture ID.

All referees are volunteers, NEVER PAID and although the above requirements are mandatory, satisfaction and competition of them does NOT assure placement. Character, history, adherence to the AYSO Philosophy and Rules and Regulations all play a role in the selection process.

To volunteer or for additional information, please call 604-1560 or email us at Refereeing@DeerfieldAYSO.org

Interesting situation and answer recently posed:


You are the referee. During or after the game, you become aware of
hostilities on the sideline. What are your responsibilities if:

a) The confrontation is between adult spectators only, no kids involved,

b) In addition to the adult spectators, one or more of the coaches is
involved, still no kids?



From "Interpretations, Instructions and Advice for AYSO Referees":
"AYSO referees (and all other AYSO volunteers) have a responsibility to provide a fun, pleasant environment for the players. Referees need to be aware of and, when necessary, enforce the AYSO National (and Regional) Rules and Regulations on sideline behavior as it relates to game atmosphere."

If the problem disrupts the game, you *and the coaches* have to deal with it. Of course, the coaches should be on top of it before you have to enter the picture. Any board or staff members should be there taking care of it, too. If it doesn't disrupt the game (and how could it not?) you all still have to deal with it.

Jeff Stern
Section 6 Referee Administrator