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you're the keeper of the fire and you ain't afraid
when the game explodes like a hand grenade
cos you can take control - like a customs man
breed fear in men with a wave of your hand
you like to stamp authority - early in the game
but you don't take- anybody's - name in vain
and when a man hits the floor - you're right there like a rocket
an' everyone thinkin' - is it back or top pocket
they want red - but you ain't led -
you got a calm and collected bald head -
and when the stuff hits the fan with a disallowed goal
you're like a style guru - you got total control
you stay cool - you stay mellow
you blow hard - you show yellow -
you got a flourish like an actor in a pantomime
but you let the man know - he got one more time
cos you the ref - you know best -
an i bet you look macho in a vest - oi ref

an' evr'y single time - i said your name comes up
about the start of the final in that world cup
you had the gaul and the guts with no fear and no blame
to give a penalty two minutes into the game -
you're like a gladaitor - being thrown to the sea
you blow a half-time whistle - like symphony
cos 'you' the man - main man - you're in the middle like a park bandstand
and you sure ain't on no twenty five grand - but you the man

now in the day-to-day world - you might act so nice
but put on the black -you're darth vader, cold as ice -
you get to soak up hate from every fan -
you got enemies-- right across the land
but if anyone can take it - you can
you got the power of the laws - in your hand
cos you got gall of steel - you got a heart of stone
and when you're out in the middle-man you're on your own
you make quick decisions - an' you never gonna crack
when the card say red you ain't ever goin' back
job done - it ain't fun - but if anyone can do it - you the one
an' when the crowd all bellow - oi ref - leave it out
you ain't ever afraid to whip your whistle out
cos you're loud and you're in charge
and you been giving it - and living it large
- cos you' the ref - and you' the best - oi ref