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Rules and Regulations

As part of a National organization where over 700,000 kids play with over 350,000 volunteers, we as a Region (which include players, parents, coaches, referees and administrators) are guided by a number of policies and directions. All of the below are designed with creating, promoting and ensuring the best possible experience for our children. Whereas some may not agree with them all, just like many other aspects of our lives, until they are changed, we are obligated to adhere to them. Your understanding, patience and cooperation is very much appreciated.

AYSO Rules & Regulations

Deerfield AYSO Policies and Procedures

Deerfield AYSO Policies and Procedures - Additional Addendum Items

AYSO National Policy Statements

AYSO National Bylaws


All Rules and Regulations apply to BOTH games and practices.

The below excerpts are NOT a complete list and are subject to change and in no particular order.

1) No alcohol, tobacco, weapons or firearms are permitted.
2) No Pets. See below for additional clarification.
3) All players are required to play at least 1/2 of each game. No player may play all 4 periods until all others have played at least 3.
4) No player may sit out for 2 consecutive periods.
5) Any player who did not play in the first period of a game, MUST play in the first period of the next game
6) No names or other markings are allowed on uniforms.
7) No jewelry, of any kind. This includes and rings, bracelets (string or otherwise) beads in hair, necklaces, hard/plastics hair clips, etc.
8) Shin Guards must be worn at all times.
9) No person, child or adult, who is NOT registered for the current season is allowed on to any game or practice field OR allowed to participate in any game or practice.
10) No one is allowed behind the goal lines during games and all persons must stay behind the spectator line. Coaches must remain in the coaches box.


No Pet Policy
There are many reasons we have instituted this policy of not allowing pets to be present at practices and games.

The main and foremost reason though is that plain and simple, some kids are afraid of them. Everything we (AYSO) does is based on providing a well run, safe and comfortable soccer experience for ALL our KIDS – not pets. If even one child is upset or uncomfortable, we are very concerned. We do not believe it is fair that any player (or spectator for that matter) should be uncomfortable at an event that is organized solely for them.

That being said however, we do not regulate the use of the parks by residents and patrons. We are only concerned with the game and practice field areas when we are using them. Just because a park visitor happens to be walking his or her pet, we certainly have no concern with that. It is when parents, relatives and spectators wish to make it a pet outing that we require they be removed.

There are other reasons (noise, out of control, disruptions etc.) that bringing pets to the games and practices are not welcome. So let’s remember what we are there for to begin with, the KIDS, not the pets.

Keep in mind, pets are also not allowed at OTHER region sites also. Including Interregional games and Area Fest.

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